Diego Luna in an interview
Diego Luna in an interview

Narcos Mexico Season 2: Time to go to war

If you are a big fan of the Narcos saga, today is your lucky day. Season 2 of Narcos Mexico is here and even darker than the first one.

In this season we see that the  past mistakes of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo are biting him…you-know-where. Torturing and killing DEA agend Kiki Camarena made him number 1 enemy of the DEA and those guys there, led by Walt Breslin (Scoot McNairy) are people you certainly don’t want to mess up with. Walt Breslin—who isn’t based on an actual person, but is an amalgam of different DEA agents who worked on the investigation into Camarena’s death—is motivated not just by avenging a fellow agent, but by the ways in which the escalating drug war has infiltrated his life in the States. (His brother, who was addicted to drugs, was killed in an apparent dispute over a few grams of coke) So this gets personal and intense.

It’s also a time where the drug empire that Gallardo had built is starting to crumble. The Colombians are not happy with Gallardo’s increase of fees but it’s their only trade route option for getting their product to the USA. Gallardo is like the Godfather of the drug world, “El Jefe de los Jefes” and he certainly wants to keep it this way. But that status won’t last for too long and you’ll have to binge watch the entire season to see why…

However, fans of Narcos, don’t panic, because it seems like we are going to have Narcos for a while. The season does a pretty good job on hinting what might happen after Felix Gallardo’s empire falls giving way to the uprising of a new leader—someone heavily involved with his organization and one who is already a familiar face for the fans—Joaquín Guzmán, otherwise known as El Chapo, played by Alejandro Edda.

If you want to see what the series will bring check out the trailer to season 2 below.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Trailer

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