“Parasite” the surprise of the night and a win for diversity

This Oscar’s edition were thought to be very predictable. We all knew Brad Pitt and Laura Dern would win Best Supporting actors, Rene and Joaquin Phoenix best Leading actors…but what we didn’t expect was a Korean movie to win Best Picture. This is, ladies and gentlemen, a historic moment, because in the 92 years of the Oscars this is the first time a foreign film has won Best Picture; it was about time, if you ask me, but the Oscars have been very self-centered in US movies. So this is a big win not just for Mr. Bong Joon-ho who completely deserves this, but it’s a win to diversity as a whole.

It’s also the first time since 2012 than a Director who has won the DGA and the BAFTAs doesn’t win the Oscars as Best Director.

Another event that was definitely unexpected was Eminem singing the song he won an Oscar for 17 years ago but refused to attend the ceremony back then. I guess he came around it after all. While everybody was confused, Billie Eilish was ecstatic. The first moment I saw her smiling during the entire night.

In terms of speeches, I loved Brad Pitt’s one where he called out Republican Senators who voted against calling witnesses at Trumps impeachment trial. “They told me I only have 45 seconds up here, which is 45 seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week,” – Bravo, Brad! Entre broma y broma, la verdad se asoma…

Another award winner who also got political was Joaquin Phoenix who addmitted, he hadn’t been the best person in his early years but he was very grateful to get a second chance in Hollywood and he started the speech with a brutally honest statement: “I think whether we’re talking about gender inequality or racism or queer rights or indigenous rights or animal rights, we’re talking about the fight against the belief, one nation, one race, one gender, or one species has the right to dominate, control and use and exploit another with impunity,”. He later directed it specifically towards the animals right which seems to be the cause that resonates with him the most.

And Julia Reichert quoted Karl Marx at “American Factory”  stating:  “We believe that things will get better when workers of the world unite.” – We hope so too!




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